About BSR Group

The BSR Group is a franchisor operating in the electrical retail industry throughout Australia. The key focus of the Group is in assisting franchisees to maximise their offering to the customer and to provide support to franchisees to enable them to compete in a market which has become progressively more competitive.

The Group’s objective is to do this with the most comprehensive, all-inclusive service possible. All franchisees operating under the Betta Home Living brand are licensed in accordance with the Franchise Code of Conduct. The primary services offered by the Group include:

Buying & Merchandising
Retail Services
Advertising & Promotions
Information Technology
& Communications
Training & Development
Store Development & Design
Our History

Since inception, BSR Group has been a member-owned organisation which aims to service the local communities in which our stores operate.


To be the leading independent retailer group providing home appliance and furniture solutions to consumers.


BSR Group’s aim is to give customers local support and advice for home appliance and furniture solutions. The group’s strategy is implemented by providing quality products and services to customers throughout our stores that are locally owned and/or operated.


Our BSR Group’s Leadership dedicated in developing and growing the business of its members.

Who We Are