About BSR

Our Vision and Values


To operate in an honest and truthful approach within our company structure.


To work to the best of our ability when collaborating with internal and external stakeholders of the company.


To create a sense of conscientiousness in the local community and contribute to national society.


To commit ourselves to providing consumers with a great product and service.


To provide our members effective, timely and efficient business support.

BSR Group’s aim is to give our member the tools to succeed in providing their customers local support and advice for home appliance and furniture solutions.  Our members growth and success is our passion and we pursue every opportunity to make this happen.

Providing quality products

BSR Group franchisees provide customers with all leading brands, working with over 100 core suppliers which represent over 95% of the Australian market.

Locally Owned And/Or Operated Stores

With a national network supporting local communities Australia wide we are able to meet customers’ needs locally. BSR Group franchisees are able to tailor their product offerings to their local communities with a personal level of service. Our local store owners and operators are also dedicated to supporting the communities in which they operate.