Our Services


BSR Group is dedicated to the training and development of existing and new franchisees to enable our stores to provide the best in class service. Our Training Academy & Training Centres ensure all franchisees are empowered with the skills and knowledge to successfully operate.

The core focus of our training programs include

  • Ongoing training and support for the day-to-day running of a retail store
  • A complete support network with experience people on the ground supporting our members business
Training Store

The BSR Group Training Centre operates as a standalone store and was established as an induction, training and proof of concept environment. The primary purpose of the training centre is to induct new franchisees into BSR Group and give them hands on experience of retail best practice, POS operation, inventory ordering and management, plus much more. In addition to a retailer training environment, the Training Centre also acts as a test bed to trial new retail initiatives before rolling these out to all members.

Training Academy

As a buying group, we have an obligation to keep you informed and educated as to the changing trends and enhancements in our industry. BSR Group has created custom training courses for our franchisee salespeople, service techs, management and more. The courses come complete with training videos, online manuals and workbooks as well as testing to help develop our members’ teams. All of these training benefits are available in the Training Academy. BSR Group retains various experts who cover all aspects of your retail business and industry. Our members can stay current and sharp by attending webinars, events and accessing videos via the Training Academy.