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BSR Direct

Members are supported with a strong core range of furniture lines to compliment and drive their furniture retail businesses. Where appropriate BSR Direct also offers a range of Commercial Only Appliance products to ensure our commercial and semi commercial members can meet their EDLP needs. BSR Direct offers a well featured, well priced, strongly guaranteed and highly serviced range of select appliances.

For furniture BSR Direct has two warehoused options to support members with immediately available stock. This is Bulk purchased via local wholesales by BSR Group on behalf of our membership and warehoused by BSR Group. The warranty in these cases is held by the wholesaler.

Along with BSR Direct a very strong range of core products under the BSR Direct brand is imported via the BSR Import program directly from selected factories. BSR Group holds all warranties and supports all members as the supplier.

For appliances we carry the Norj range of commercial products along with a range of sinks and tap products available to retail members – these products carry strong warranties, are well priced to delivery strong member margins and are backed by a nationwide service network and free call customer contact centre.

With a dedicated team in the Operational, Procurement and Development arm of the business providing the import experience, from in person factory audits, product review and QC as well as specification and product testing. The team also provides Demand analysis and planning and works with our industry experience Merchandising team. The team is focused on ensuring the quality and the market readiness of our products. BSR Group invests in direct sourcing from overseas factories, along with factory visits to ensure we meet all our Modern Slavery and Ethical Sourcing commitments to bring the members products that are not only on trend but also well designed and the best possible price on established must haves.


BSR Group brings our furniture stockist members together once a year at the Annual Furniture Convention and showcases the full roadmap of products and opportunities from Local, Wholesale and Direct Import partners. This opportunity is also used to help set the range for the coming year with direct input from the members at the convention.

Within the BSR Direct program, we have a clear range strategy to fit the Good, Better, Best approach to retailing. We also support all our members and suppliers with a strong catalogue program. The catalogue is notified well in advance giving members the best possible chance to ensure their businesses are showcasing the advertised and supported lines. This ensures our stores achieve the best possible outcomes and assists in driving business success.


BSR Group is actively investing in its own warehousing and logistics support having recently gone through a complete review of how to achieve the best support footprint for our membership.
BSR Group now warehouses BSR Direct furniture and bulk wholesale lines in its Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne distribution centres and line hauls regular stock transfers to its satellite warehouse footprint. Norj our commercial appliance offer is warehoused via market renowned 3PL and available in NSW, QLD & VIC as well as satellite warehousing in Tasmania and the ability to arrange shipment via negotiations to other areas of Australia. This model allows for regular container shipments to the distribution centres, meaning we have a very high ‘in stock’ position within a good breadth of product.
Additionally, the regular line hauls to the local satellite warehouses means minimum handling with regular shipments, allowing for an efficient and fast fulfilment of in stock orders.

All membership queries regarding stock and any other support functions around our directly warehoused furniture and appliance products are handled in the Operational procurement and Development arm of the business. BSR Group invests in Demand Analysts and a Sales & Procurement Program to ensure that we have the right stock at the right time in the right place whilst ensuring stock turns and cash flow is maximised to benefit all.

BSR Group also has the ability to support direct container programs for larger footprint members and is investigating methods to offer greater direct support to its Western Australian membership.