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The Finance team manage the recording of all finance transactions from the franchisor perspective. These encompass the invoicing and collection of rebate income and the payment of head office related expenditure, including staff wages, marketing, IT hardware and software and forums and conferences.

They are responsible for cashflow and working capital management and manage the relationship with our bankers as well as liaising with other external parties including auditors and tax professionals.

Rebate management

One of the Finance team’s primary responsibilities is to facilitate the pass back of rebates, the handling of claims and the charging for goods and services to retailers.

Transactions appear on a statement portal easily accessible by all retailers and readily exportable into Excel for ease of reconciliation.

Goods not for re-sale

The team also works with service providers to negotiate competitive rates on behalf of the members, for energy usage, superannuation, banking, insurance and merchant card services. They work in tandem with the Goods Not for Re-sale (GNFR) program run by NARTA which includes group arrangements in other categories as diverse as travel, media, fire services and waste management.

Finance-related services to retailers

A range of finance-related services are also offered to retailers at no additional cost.

The finance team reviews financial performance of retailers, helping to assess and facilitate assistance where additional support is identified.